The first rebate is paid in Russia

The first subsidy for reimbursement of cinematography organizations - Rebate - in the history of Russia was paid in the Primorsky Region to the Mars Media film company, which shot a feature film "On the District" in Vladivostok in the fall of 2016.

Throughout the world, the system of rebate works very successfully. Drawing in this way the film crews, the city and regional authorities are counting on a good economic effect. During the filming of major projects, additional jobs are created, local personnel are attracted, profits are received by hotels, restaurants, transport companies serving film crews. Money is brought to the economy not only by film companies that work in the region, but also tourists, whose flow increases significantly after the release of a film, as happened with Dubrovnik (Croatia), after filming the series "The Game of Thrones", or Istanbul (Turkey), after the release of the film “Inferno”.

Now Primorye is preparing for the shooting of several projects. Shooting a feature film of the film company Good story media under the working title "To the End of the World" will be held in Vladivostok in mid-August. In September, the international film crew of the large-scale documentary project "Fatei and the Sea" will work on the islands of Peter the Great Bay. There is a search for locations for two Asian projects, which are scheduled for shooting in 2018.

Local Primorye Film Commission  is engaged in organizing the filming process in the territory of Vladivostok and other cities of Primorye. The filming equipment within the region is provided to Russian companies on preferential terms. The Primorye Film Commission implements an affiliate program, whose participants - hotels, transport companies, catering companies, etc. - provide film crews with discounts up to 50% on their services.

On average, one Russian and two foreign projects are shooting annually in Primorye. The goal of the Film Commission is to create in the region comfortable conditions for the film industry, so that the number of projects increases every year.

Primorsky Region became the first region of Russia, where in 2016 a Resolution on Granting subsidies to cinematography organizations for reimbursement of part of the costs associated with the production of motion pictures on the territory of the region was passed.

In November 2016, the creation of a film commission in the Primorsky Region was supported by the Cinema Foundation. Also, the film commissions were established in the Kaliningrad and Astrakhan regions. In 2017, the Cinema Foundation supported three projects, which will be filmed in Vladivostok. This is the comedy "Ensky Robinson" company "2D Celluloid", the main roles in which will perform Alexander Pal  and Mikhail Efremov. Filming will begin in August. In September, the comedy "Russian" produced by Georgy Shabanov and Rezo Gigineishvili will be launched. As of February 2018, the shooting of the sports drama "One Breath" of the film company "Public Opinion" is planned. Elena Khazanova will act as the director, Viktoriya Isakova and Yevgeny Mironov will play the main roles.

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