Russian Office of Film Commissions free of charge services

-          Financing opportunities

We will inform you about the federal and regional financial programs for the filmmakers and guide you through all the necessary procedures to meet the requirements.

-          Location scouting

Our locations database contains hundreds of different locations. You can find anything you want and get all the needed information on a specific place. Want to learn more? We can assign a location scout for you.

-          Connecting to the industry

Russia has one of the most dynamic film industries in Europe. About 120 local films are released every year. We can easily connect you with hundreds of local specialists and facilities, assist you with budgeting and pre-production and recommend the best film crews.

-          Location Tours

Ready to go on a recce? Don’t worry, we will help to organize the trip and arrange meetings with the local authorities and film crews.

-          Accommodation & local services

Thanks to close connection with the regional authorities we have full access to the local database of hotels and service providers of any kind. Be sure to have the best option for a reduced price.

-          Film Permits

There are no centralized federal or regional permit issuing authorities in Russia. Film permits are issued by the municipal or other local administrations with the permit fees varying depending on the shooting location. However, Russian Office of Film Commissions has a cooperation agreement with the regional administrations with the intention to simplify and assist the filmmakers in getting permits.